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Is it because of Money?

Well, yes! Money is and answer to why student girls are becoming escorts in Heidelberg. These teen girls knows the fact that if they indulge themselves into other careers, they will surely earn just to support their needs but if they work as teeny escort, they will surely be able to afford luxuries too. Student girls who are self-dependent and have just passed high school and wants to get enrolled in a college works as part-time escortservice provider so that they can earn enough to pay their university fees and also pay their extra bills and other expenses too. Whatever everyone says, but the fact would remain same that you get paid more as a submissive escort than any other profession in the initial position.

Deciding your own working hours is an answer to why student girls are becoming escorts

You don’t have to sit in your office for eight hours to get peanuts as your pay for the hardwork you put in. In fact being a fulltime or part-time sex girl escort gives you an opportunity to decide how many hours they want to work and how much money they want to charge depending upon the escortservice a client wants. They also get to enjoy free gifts and high profile parties and events with high pay and less working hours.